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We perform frangipani tree pruning from April - October. We trim the trees as per our guides below and ensure your tree maintains healthy growth. Places are limited so bookings are essential. 

Canopy lifting

Frangipani or Plumeria trees as they are also known naturally grow in a dome shape and depending on the variety or cultivar, the height of the canopy varies. With careful and strategic pruning, the canopy can be raised creating more room underneath the tree. Room to put a table and chairs or perhaps just some room to stand and admire your tree.


Raised canopy trees are popular in Thailand where the practice is common place. It can also give your tree that special ambience.


All pruning is performed on weekends and we take pride in getting the job done exactly right and maintaining the best possible health for the tree.

Below is our frangipani tree repair paste for sealing small holes and defects to keep your tree free of ponding water which can lead to rot. This easy to use water based product dries overnight to a hard yet flexible shell and is unique to Sydney Frangipani. This product can be purchased from our online store. 

Improving air flow

Air flow is critical for good tree health of frangipani trees. Wet leaves without good air flow can be a haven for frangipani rust or rot to take hold.


Air travelling through the canopy of the tree evaporates the moisture and keeps the tree healthly preventing the conditions that rot and rust tend to thrive in.


We remove weak and dead branches from the inner canopy of the tree opening up more air flow within the canopy.


Trees tend to grow stronger and healthier when pruned correctly. The tree sends nutrients to the remaining heathly branches.

Gentle pruning

Pruning Frangipani trees can be delicate task, especially if you have a wonderfully colourful variety. Care needs to be taken to keep the desired shape whilst keeping future flowering in mind. 


We carry out gentle and selective pruning of problem branches to enhance the look of the tree whilst maintaining good tree health. 


We like to prune trees in late winter through to Spring when chances of infection have been reduced. Branches that rub together or cross over are removed and small dead or unproductive branches are removed.


We also sterilize our cutting equipment between jobs to ensure your trees get the very best care they deserve.

We also offer a frangipani tree planting service for trees purchased from us for a small additional fee. 

Below is one of our planted frangipani trees. We always recommend the use of precast half circle concrete tree surrounds to protect your frangipani from whipper snipper damage.

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