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Stop Rust Plumeria rust control spray

Stop Rust Plumeria rust control spray is a safe to use spray that kills fungal spores, helping to prevent them infecting healthy plants. For best results use in conjunction with Stop Rust Plumeria rust ground treatment. 


Two applications of Stop Rust spray two days apart, only to the left side of the infected leaf. Photo taken 7 days after first application of Stop Rust spray.

Hand Sanitising Spray

Our Hand Sanitising Spray is 70% pure Isopropyl Alcohol which means it is medical grade and kills 99.9% of germs. Use as a hand sanitiser and as a sanitiser for hard surfaces. It can also be used to sanitise polymer bank notes and coins.

Documents available for download

Hand Sanitising Spray safety data sheet SDS

Plumeria Repair Paste

Our Plumeria Repair Paste is a ready to use silica based paste that dries hard yet flexible and is used to prevent water ponding in aged cut ends of Plumeria tree branches. Plumeria Repair Paste is easy to use and very durable. Paste is coloured grey/brown to match the colour of mature bark

Documents available for download

Plumeria Repair Paste

Product guide

Plumeria Repair Paste safety data sheet SDS

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