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What is grafting?

Grafting is the process of taking a cutting or scion from one variety and attaching or grafting it to another variety or rootstock. The result it a plant or tree with the attributes of the desired scion variety with strength of a healthy rootstock that suits the climate or situation. The picture on the right is a slant graft which has healed well.

How to graft plumeria 
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Commonly referred to as Rainbow trees these multi grafted creations can look amazing when they are done right. 


Right is a nice example combining different varieties on the one plant. Really, anything is possible as long as some general rules are followed. 


We create rainbow trees for sale. If you would like a rainbow tree just click on the button below and let us know. We can send you a few pictures with details of available stock.

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Grafting tips

For successful grafting it is absolutely essential to keep everything clean and sterile as you go. Most grafting attempts fail if all of the tools are not 100% clean and free of bacteria and potential nasties. We always clean all of the branches and equipment 

multiple times during the grafting process using our unique Sydney Frangipani Gardening Antiseptic Spray (pictured right). Being hygienic is key to success. After all you wouldn't let somebody operate on you if they weren't clean and hygienic right? This product is available from our online store. 

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