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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q:  When will my frangipani flower?

A:  Frangipani need to grow before they can flower and smaller       frangipani plants might take a few years to flower depending on the variety and growth rate and if they are in a pot or planted in the ground. Generally bigger, more established trees usually flower every season depending on the variety.

Q:  Will feeding my frangipani make it flower sooner?

A:  Ultimately good growth is key to getting a frangipani to flower so feeding with a well balanced fertiliser is key to good growth and strong flowering. Potash in the liquid or granular form is also key for flowering.

Q:  Can frangipani be grown in pots?

A:  Yes, frangipani grow well in pots as long as the medium (soil) is well draining and refreshed every few years. Blue metal is also a good idea on the bottom to improve drainage. Fertilising regularly is important for potted frangipani. Frangipani prefer pots that are not deeper than they are wide. Large heavy pots are also good as they prevent the wind blowing them over. Bell jar shaped pots or pots that narrow at the top should be avoided as repotting is almost impossible without smashing the pot to get the plant out. 

Q:  Are there any blue or black frangipani?

A:  No, there are no blue or black frangipani as such. Some red varieties are very dark and go by a dark or black reference. Lilac is as close as you will get looking for a blue one. North Queensland blue is one of those.

Q:  I have heard that frangipani don't like too much water, is this actually true?

A:  No, in the summer months frangipani love water and grow quickly and stronger  when watered regularly during this time. Watering should taper off during Autumn and no watering in Winter when the trees are bare. Potted frangipani are likely to rot if regular watering in Winter occurs. For more information on when to water in Sydney please refer to the monthly care calendar page. 

Q:  What do I feed my frangipani with?

A:  Organic well balanced fertilisers work well and are pet safe. Sydney Frangipani sells our organic custom blended mix in our online frangipani store.

Q:  Do you have evergreen varieties available?

A:  Frangipani are deciduous in the Sydney region. Varieties such as Singapore White (Plumeria Obtusa) loose all their leaves in Sydney during Autumn and Winter and grow incredibly slow, rarely flowering due to the cooler conditions causing black tip rot.

Plumeria Pudica (aka Everlasting love/Bridal Bouquet) Will keep some of their leaves during the cooler months if in a warm sheltered position. They are easily spotted due to their unusual hammer head shaped leaves. They also do not suffer from frangipani rust like the Singapore White (Plumeria Obtusa)

Q:  What if my frangipani branches are wrinkled and soft?

A:  If your frangipani branches are wrinkled and soft it is usually either the plant is dehydrated and needs water OR it is rotten. Rot can also be brought on by too much water at the wrong time of the year or when trying to propagate cuttings. To test whether it is rot or just dehydration, wipe the wrinkled branch down with Sydney Frangipani Gardening Antiseptic or similar and sterilise a pin and prick the branch. If white sap comes out then the frangipani is fine and just needs water. If clear or black ooze comes out then the branch is rotten and needs to be cut back to white healthy flesh. 





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