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What is Frangipani Rust?

If you can see little puffs or pustules of golden yellow powder that start out on the underside of your frangipani leaves and resemble pollen, this is frangipani rust (Coleosporium domingense syn  C. plumeriae)
Frangipani rust is a fungal plant disease that is spread via the powder (spores) that get carried away with the wind or through overhead watering. Spores can spread for many kilometres in strong winds or just a few centimetres with a slight bump or breeze.  See below our recommended way to control and help prevent the spread of rust to other frangipani plants. 
rust portrait.JPG
rust picture.JPG
Identifying the rust
Turn over leaves and look for the tell tale signs of the golden yellow pustules of powder and decide whether you want to do anything or not. Remember that rust won't hurt your frangipani cutting or tree. Rust is generally only a concern for frangipani seedlings and can harm or kill small seedlings if left untreated. 
Controlling the rust
Remove all affected leaves by cutting them off with a clean pair of secateurs. Rake up all the dead and fallen leaves on the ground 
surrounding your frangipani and then bin all of the leaves in your garbage bin (not compost) as the rust spores can re-infect other frangipani from the reuse of the compost. For large trees it is not practical to remove all of the leaves by hand so this exercise is best done in mid winter when the tree is bare or growing slower.
Spore control
Using Stoprust spore control spray, treat any remaining rust spores by spraying both sided of affected leaves. Secateurs can also be sprayed to kill spores. This product kills all spores it comes in contact with and helps to prevent the spread of frangipani rust. With good hygiene and use of products like Stoprust spore control spray & Stoprust systemic ground treatment, this will allow the user to control the frequency & severity plumeria rust outbreaks and get to the ultimate goal of frangipani rust elimination. This spray is safe to use and proves very useful for all growers of frangipani/plumeria.
frangipani rust.JPG
Rust leaf half sprayed.JPG
Close up - sprayed vs not sprayed
2 x applications of spray to the left side of the leaf two days apart.     Photo taken after 5 days

Stoprust spore control spray

Stoprust spore control spray usage guide
SDS Stoprust spore
control spray
Stop rust leaf spray.JPG

Stoprust systemic ground treatment

Treating the ground 
After you have removed all of the affected leaves, treat the ground with Sydney Frangipani Stoprust Plumeria rust systemic ground treatment. This product is mixed with water and applied with a plastic watering can to the entire root zone of the potted or planted plumeria. This product works differently to fungicides as it makes the plumeria undesirable to plumeria rust. After correct, regular applications the frangipani will show reduced signs of rust. For more information please read the usage guide below.
Treated vs not treated
The leaf on the left is from an untreated frangipani suffering rust and the leaf in the middle and right came from a frangipani that was treated regularly throughout the growing season with Stoprust systemic ground treatment
Stoprust Plumeria rust systemic ground treatment usage guide
Stoprust Plumeria rust systemic ground treatment SDS
The untreated frangipani (far left) showing the signs of a typical rust outbreak vs leaves of a frangipani plant (middle & right) treated regularly with Stoprust systemic ground treatment show a reduction in rust through the majority of the leaves
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