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This is a Climbing frangipani in a 140mm pot. This beatiful new addition to our range is a wonderfully fragrant climbing frangipani vine. The scent is exactly the same as the traditional white and yellow frangipani although both are totally unrelated. Likes similar conditions to frangipani trees and grows well during the warmer months. This vine is also deciduous in the cooler months. Large white flowers with a yellow centre. Pack includes a plant tag for identifcation just like if you bought it in person. Please do not purchase if you require postage to WA, TAS or NT as Australian Domestic Quarantine restrictions apply in these states. Pack & posting on the first Monday after payment has been received. We can fit up to 2 frangipani plants per postage cost.

Climbing Frangipani in 140mm pot

  • We do not ship to WA, TAS and NT due to domestic quarantine restrictions. Please do not purchase if you require postage to these states.

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